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Our Quinta dos Caracois

Quinta dos Caracois

Our Quinta dos Caracois

In the 1984 early days, Luis and Rosário meet each other for a long journey of life.

Him managing one of the most important Holiday complexes. Her, working for the national treasure system.

She believed in Luis's dream of having their own complex and in 1987 they quit from their jobs and startup on this adventure, that we don’t still see the end. In this same year, to give one more level of complexity, Catarina borns.

So, this couple with a child in the arms and all-new life styling didn’t have any option than rolling up the sleeves and from the garden to the decoration they had to work out. Friends, family, workers, everyone believed in the project and help them to bring up for that summer season. They did!

Over the years, The Motel Santa Maria, was not enough anymore. Struggling with some logistic limitations there, they had to revamp their lives to the next level. And to build up from scratch a new Holiday complex.

2004, was the first summer season in Quinta dos Caracóis. And you can imagine all the constraining of building a touristic house complex. From the legal to the decorations, all in their hands.

Nowadays they are still married, living and working together and I don’t know how! Luis with his own perspectives and Rosario with her decoration daydreams ...

Me, Catarina, I left and I’m living in Lisbon. Quinta dos Caracois, is too calm and relax for me. But I have to say, it is perfect for the holidays, to relax from rushing hours. And to be fair, I don’t know if I can handle those two for much time than a holiday, but you can tell me how, after your trip.

Please reach Luis to have cheerful conversations. He is really good at sharing some local stories. But for a deep dive conversation, you must talk with Rosário.

They are waiting for you.

See you there